We sampled the whole drum kit with a few extra percussion elements for the latest Atrox Trauma record in 2024.
These are fully raw samples, but I've included EQd versions for Kick & Snare.
You need to apply compression and further transient designing to make them cut through the mix. Recorded at NO SILENCE STUDIOS.

Tama Starclassic Maple


• KICK: 2 Velocity layers, 16 round robin samples
• SNARE: 6 Velocity layers, 16 round robin samples
• Rest of the kit: 2 Velocity layers, 12 round robin samples
• 5 Toms
• 1 Percussion Tom tuned really high
• 1 Mini Snare for percussion parts
• Close, OH and Room microphone channels

Click here for Demos!

In these demos we fully replaced the live shells, only the cymbals are from the live kit!

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