HORIZON Bass Instrument

$29.99 - $69.99


• Multi-Sampled with intelligent alternate picking
• Full note range all the way down to C0
• Includes 8 mix-ready tones and different DI EQ versions
• Perfect Tone in Zero Time
• Down, Up and Alt-Picking Keyswitches
• Additional Functionality: 3-speed Slides and Dead Notes
• Designed for out-of-the box modern metal/rock tone.

HORIZON Bass features an ESP LTD H-1005 Horizon 5-String Bass Guitar See Thru Black Satin. It's a super realistic sounding MIDI bass instrument, designed for softer rock and heavier metal genres. It was sampled using Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Electric Bass Strings which deliver a crispy top end while still retaining the bass power and punch. Each note was multi-sampled for both up and down picks, which works alongside our intelligent alternate picking algorithm to produce an extremely realistic sounding MIDI bass instrument.

This Bass Istrument comes in two formats:
DI Version and MIX-READY Version.
Pick the one you like the most, or simply grab the Complete Pack.

HORIZON Bass includes (8) mix-ready tones, along with the different DI EQ versions.
For the different DI EQ options we tone matched our original DI to well known dry Bass guitar signals, such as Music Man, Fender and Dingwall.

Programmed to be used with Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher [Recorded at 44k 24bit].

What you hear is what you get! No extra processing needed, just load them in Kontakt and you're good to go!

DI EQ versions:
• ORIGINAL: This is the original recorded DI signal from our ESP LTD H-1005 Horizon
• MUSICMAN: This one was matched to a great sounding Music Man Classic StingRay 4 MN
• FENDER: This one is a FENDER 1994 Jazz Bass tone match
• DIGNWALL: It was matched to a great sounding Dingwall NG2 Bass guitar

Mix-Ready Tones:
• B7KU Tone
• DJENT Tone
+ Extra SUB BASS Tone for that perfect low end!

Hear it in a metal mix:

Pop-Punk Mix:

NSS Audio · Full Pop Punk Mix [HORIZON Bass]

Metal Mix:

NSS Audio · Full Metal Mix [HORIZON Bass]

Mix-Ready Tones [Bass Only] [Pop-Punk]:

NSS Audio · MIX-READY Tones [Pop Punk - Bass Only] [HORIZON Bass]

Mix-Ready Tones [Bass Only] [Metal]:

NSS Audio · MIX-READY Tones [Metal - Bass Only] [HORIZON Bass]

DI Versions [Bass Only] [Pop-Punk]:

NSS Audio · DI Versions [Pop Punk - Bass Only] [HORIZON Bass]

DI Versions [Bass Only] [Metal]:

NSS Audio · DI Versions [Metal - Bass Only] [HORIZON Bass]

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