GIANT Bass Tones



• 25 unique Mix-ready cabinet settings
• Heavy rock tones, Distorted Hi-Gain metal settings
• 7 Hi Gain/Mid Gain Bass Amp VST and Kemper presets
• Slap Bass an Clean Bass Amp VST and Kemper presets

The GIANT Bass Tones pack pinpoints the essence of rock and metal bass today and gives you a vast library of unique one-click tones.

This pack presents 25 unique cabinet settings.
Combine them with our Bass Amp presets what we've created for this pack to get mix-ready results right out of the box.

Kemper Direct Amp profiles and VST presets included with screenshots.

GIANT Bass Tones in a mix:

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We regretfully state that, due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, we are unable to issue a refund on any purchase of this product.