This template is designed to get that modern radio hit vocal mix with just a few simple clicks. Dreamy Vocals will definitely take your vocals to the next level. It includes a Futuristic reverb IR, a spacey delay setting and that high end EQ gleam you’ve been searching for to sound like an ultimate professional.


WAVES Audio: CLA Vocals, CLA-76, DeEsser, H-Delay,

FabFilter: Pro-Q 3, Pro-MB

How to use this template:
- Create a new track and load the Vocal Track presets in the correct order (ProQ3 EQ, CLA76 COMP, DEESSER)
- Create a Vocal Bus and load the Bus track presets in the correct order (CLA VOCALS, ProMB)
- Create FX sends load the plugins with the presets and adjust the FX sends to your liking
- I've included a Doubler FX preset in case you want to widen your back vocals or FX sends
- Enjoy! :)

Vocal Mix demos:

NSS Audio · DREAMY VOCALS Mix Template

Refund Policy:
We regretfully state that, due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, we are unable to issue a refund on any purchase of this product.