CORE Guitar Tones

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• 22 unique Mix-ready cabinet settings
• 33 Raw and Tone Matched IRs
• Rhythm and Clean guitar tones
• 4 Hi Gain/Mid Gain Amp VST and Kemper presets
• 4 Clean Guitar Amp VST and Kemper presets
• 44.1k and 48k WAV files
• Kemper cabinet files [.kipr format]

The CORE tone pack presents 33 raw and 22 unique mix-ready cabinet settings. Combine them with our Hi Gain or Clean Amp presets what we've created for this pack to get mix-ready results right out of the box.

We used Peavey 6505, Blackstar HT Stage 100 and Orange CR120H amps, combined with Mesa Traditional Slant 4x12 and vintage Marshall 1960B 4x12 cabinets.

This pack includes raw IR files along with actual tone matches of reamps through these amazing guitar rigs. We matched this pack to work well with the VST presets and Kemper rigs included in this pack.

Kemper Direct Amp profiles and VST presets included with screenshots.

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CORE Guitar Tones in action:

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