Level up your mixes with our Asking Alexandria inspired Mix Template! We carefully crafted the presets and EQ settings to get as close as possible to the original sound. Dive into a fully mixed project in your DAW of choice. Quickly learn how to make quality processing from raw to final mix-ready sound. The template comes with a mix-ready Superior Drummer 3 Preset for the Drums Of Destruction EZX Library. We used samples from the Steven Slate Drums Platinum library to augment the core SD3 drum mix. We've included a processed Guitar Cabinet IR file ready to be used with STL Tones Emissary.

We used our HORIZON Kontakt Instrument for the bass sound.
We mastered the demos with our MODERN MASTERING OZONE 10 ADVANCED PRESETS.

Easily unlock your mixing skills within seconds!

Superior Drummer 3 Preset for EZDrummer 3 Core Library

- Custom Cabinet IR
- Preset for STL Tones Emissary

Compressor and EQ PRESETS for the whole mix!
Screenshots included!

Required Plugins:
Superior Drummer 3 + EZDrummer 3 Core Library
SSD 4 or 5 Platinum Library
JST Clip
Waves CLA-76
Waves L1 or any similar limiter VST
Waves Q10 or Pro Q3
SPL Transient Designer (You can replace it with any TD you have)
TSE 808 v2.0
STL Emissary
An IR loader of your choise for the Cabinet IR

Asking Alexandria Mix demos:

NSS Audio · ASKING ALEXANDRIA Mix Template [NSS Audio]

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